Design Strategy

Relaxed and Pleasant Atmosphere : The core concept of the Whiteplains Commercial Project is to create an environment that is inviting and soothing. Visitors and occupants should feel an instant sense of ease when they enter the building. The design should incorporate elements that promote comfort and relaxation .


Communication and Social Interaction: The project will prioritize social interaction and connection among its venues. The spaces within the building should be designed to facilitate communication and a sense of community. Whether it's a common area for meetings or social spaces for impromptu gatherings, the architecture should promote interaction.


Positive Emotions and Experiences: Whiteplains Commercial Project aims to be a place where positive emotions thrive. From the moment someone steps into the building, they should experience an atmosphere that uplifts their spirits. Every element of the design, from lighting to materials to layout, should be carefully curated to elicit joy and positivity.


Connection with Nature: One of the defining features of this project is the emphasis on the connection between people and nature. The architectural solution should seamlessly integrate green spaces, natural elements, and sustainable design practices. This connection with nature should not only be aesthetic but also contribute to the well-being of the building's occupants and visitors.


Connection between Individuals : In addition to connecting with nature, the project should encourage individuals to connect with one another. Spaces should be designed to promote both planned and spontaneous social interactions. Whether it's through shared workspaces, recreational areas, or art installations, the design should foster a sense of community


The Whiteplains Commercial Project, designed by a renowned Japanese architect, aspires to be more than a mere building; it's an embodiment of culture, nature, and the human spirit. By focusing on creating a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, fostering social interaction, and curating positive experiences, this project aims to redefine the way people engage with commercial spaces. It's a testament to the harmonious coexistence of architecture, nature, and human connection, setting new standards in commercial design.

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